What are Mala Beads?


A Mala can be anything (necklace, bracelet, etc) that has a certain number (traditionally 108 is used, or 27 for bracelets) of beads or objects that can be counted. Other systems use different numbers that have special meaning. Sattva Earth uses Rudrakasha and Rudrani Seeds and also semi-precious stones and silver.


Traditionally the purpose of the beads was to chant mantra or say a prayer or affirmation for each bead in a certain sequence or repition. This process aids in stilling and focusing the mind. The nature of the mind is to think. So by focusing it in one direction, we are training the mind to focus in a particular way. A steady disciplined mind is the fundamental keystone to seeing the world and ourselves in it in a positive way. 


Eventually by practicing a special technique called Japa, we learn a new tool for calming the mind from all distractions and we are able to find peace, tranquility and Self-Realization. Japa is a Dharana method of preparation for meditation or Dyana. We realize that we are more than this body and more than this mind. We realize we are BLISS and INFINITE.  

More than just Jewelry...Your Own Spiritual Experience awaits. 

The Many ways to Use a Mala

Malas are beautiful accessories! They can also serve as so much more....


-Preparation for Meditation

-Mantra Repitition 

-Crystal Healing

-Chakra Healing

-Increase Positive Energy

-Aura Protection

-Reminder Band

-Ayurvedic Healing

-Gratitude Counter

-Connect with Nature





Embedded within each gemstone, crystal and seed are metaphysical healing powers due to the geometrical structure. For example, most of these crystals we use today were formed millions of years ago as water or melted ice slowly flowed into cracks in the earth. The specific minerals from the water of that region merged with the specific minerals in the Earth and over time hardened to form a unique crystal. These unique crystal patterns (similar to how each snowflake is different) affects the electromagnetic forces within each stone or crystal. When activated and charged, these beautiful pieces of Earth previously dormant become alive and their vibrations affect living beings near them, like you, in specific ways.



As we wear these precious parts of our planet, we internalize the benefits and wear it whenever, wherever as a constant reminder and anchor of our roots within nature, our connection to Universe and grounding, health and peace.


How Do

   Crystals Work?


Japa is a very effective and simple method used to bring stillness and calm to the mind. It doesn't have to be religious, though some religions use the beads in certain techniques and with certain methods of counting. Below is the basic counting technique that anyone can follow. 


Essentially, when the mind is relaxed, it is able to be guided onto paths towards Self-Realization. Traditionally a Mala Necklace uses 108 beads. Sometimes marker beads are added which are not counted as part of the 108. You can also perform Japa with Bracelets; you just do several rounds of counting on the bracelet until you reach 108 (or whatever other number you desire, according to your belief). Sattva Earth has made special malas or rosaries to suit different rituals, including but not limited to: Islam, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhist, etc). This number is sacred and it is also believed to be a num ber of japa that can help the mind settle. 


What is

 Japa Mantra


To perform Japa

  • Find a comfortable seat (or can even do standing). Take a few slow deep breaths.

  • Decide which Mantra (prayer, intention, list the things you are grateful for or choose an affirmation) you want to say for this particular sitting. 

  • Start with the first bead after the guru bead or pendant. Hold that first bead in your right hand with the thumb and third finger. Say the mantra either aloud or silently for this first bead. Then proceed to the next bead and repeat.

  • Continue all the way around until you hit the Guru Bead again. (You do not say the mantra for the Guru Bead and any other marker beads. Those can be considered as rests or breaks.)

  • After you complete the entire round, you can sit for a few moments in stillness and become a witness/observer.

  • You can also do multiple rounds if  you wish.