The Chakra System

Chakras are simply energy centers in the subtle body. They are pure intelligence and can be affected by our lifestyle. Energy (called Prana) moves through these centers creating specific awareness of consciousness. This vital force flows smoothly when a chakra is balanced and healthy and the aura shines bright and we enjoy radiant health. Recall seeing someone who is very happy; they are bright and appear to glow. Now recall seeing someone who is sick and/or depressed; they seem darker and have a diminished glow. We see how diet, lifestyle and mood are inextricably linked to our chakra system.


A healthy chakra is a spinning vortex and "shines" at a particular rate and frequency allowing energy to pass through the central channel (or nadi) called the sushumna. On either side of the sushumna nadi are smaller subtler nadis that cris-cross all up and down the central channel. Each time they cross each other, that point is a chakra.


Energy (sometimes called Kundalini) passes through the sushumna and thereby affecting how we feel. Sometimes, through life experiences one or more chakras slow down or energy might get stuck (just as when you bend a straw, liquid passing more slowly). This affects our total health picture and aura. Rebalancing and stimulating the chakras through various techniques can encourage them to stay healthy. 


There are many techniques now to bring balance to the chakra system, just as there are many different types of exercise and diets to bring health to the physical body. Crystal healing (such as Sattva Earth Jewelry) can be a powerful method to increase vibration and vitality restoring harmony and health to the physical and subtle body anatomies.   

More than just Jewelry...Your Own Spiritual Experience awaits.