The Sattva Earth Story

Launched in 2014


          All Sattva Earth jewelry is designed, handcrafted and energized by Sherri Melwani.


Using only natural, organic materials, each piece is created for increasing positive healing energy and beauty. Some pieces use sacred geometric symbols such as chakras or other shapes or motifs of nature. 


The Yogic Lifestyle set the stage for the

creation of Sattva Earth


It all started when Sherri met her guru, Sri Dharma Mittra in 2011. He taught her a special yogic technique for meditation called Japa. This is a method in which one uses a necklace made of natural seeds or beads to repeat and chant a mantra to focus the mind. Sherri decided to make her own necklace so she could perform Japa. Soon others noticed her mala and asked her to make one for them too. And then organically, Sattva Earth was born. 





Sacred energizing process


Sherri's customers often comment how her pieces feel different than other mala jewelry. It could very well be due to the special sacred process she personally performs for each piece before sending them out. There is something truly special about Sattva Earth Jewelry. 


Before delivering each piece to its new owner, Sherri performs an energizing process which involes a sacred ritual, including a special purifying mantra she learned from her guru, which helps to cleanse the energy of the crystals. She also activates them by charging them in an ancient Tibetian Singing Bowl. These special techniques affect the vibration within the stones and seeds. Crystals, like all living beings also, tend to pick up nearby energy, and need to be reset to their natural equilibrium by using various techniques to prepare them to be used by their new owner. 

About Sherri


Sherri practiced Clinical Psychotherapy in New York City after receiving her Masters Degree from New York University. With a focus on working with those with chronic and terminal illness, she witnessed the power of the subconscious mind and its affect on healing. In 2008, she and her husband moved to Asia. Naturally drawn to the mind, body, and spirit connection, she immersed herself in the study and practice of the traditional 8 limbs of yoga. Eventually, she was led to her beloved guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. This lineage focuses on yoga as a complete science (much more than a physical practice) and that it can offer endless gifts and wisdom to the mind, body and spirit, the goal of yoga being Self-Realization. Now a Certified Dharma Yoga Teacher, she shares the holistic teachings of yoga in Asia. She created Sattva Earth as a natural progression to her learning how we are connected to Earth and linked to each other. By tuning in to this connection, Sattva Earth Jewelry can aid in the healing processes, for as we spend time with nature our entire being can find balance and harmony. 

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Inspired by travel


Inspired by time spent travelling, Sherri collects only the finest semi-precious gemstones and semi-precious metals. She carefully chooses high energy crystals filled with healing vibrations from different corners of our Earth to create healing bracelets, 108 mala beads, and other necklaces.


She also enjoys visiting the local silver markets, especially those in mountains of northern Thailand (Hilltribes) near the Burmese border and the traditional silversmiths in Bali where she has started to learn the art of the silversmith and has exciting plans for creating Sattva Earth Pendants and Charms. 

Nature Heals


Sherri believes that energy and intention we instil into our lives and objects we carry in our life can powerful affect structure and properties on a molecular level and our relationship with them and can be used as a tool for healing. Fascinated by the mind, body and soul connection and the natural healing powers of nature, she feels that as we connect with Earth and Nature (and items from nature, such as Sacred Rudraksha, Crystals, Gemstones), our soul can balance, realign and heal. We become Sattvic as we tune ourselves with Earth and nature's rhythm and cycles which connects us to our Higher Self.