Supermoon Meditation

Today is a very powerful time to do your meditation as our lovely moon is actually closer to us over the next day than it has been in about 70 years. Enjoy this time. Record your thoughts and feelings. Inspiration you receive now will guide you through what's ahead, whether it makes sense now or perhaps it doesn't make sense (yet will later). Supermoon Meditation is powerful, especially when practiced in a group. We will practice this at Meditation Mondays class this evening at @Lululemonsg. 1. Sitting with a straight and elevated spine with your back supported on something, a chair, the wall of the train etc. (Nice if you sit back to back with a partner and if in a group, then in a circle, like a big moon, sitting back to back.) 2. Now feeling the support of your back on something/someone, begin to feel your breath deepening. Feel your back gently pressing into the wall with each breath. If you're with someone, feel their back expand/contract against yours. If you are doing this with others, try to match their breath. Take your time. FEEL human connection. Send blessings and positive energy to someone, or the person you are leaning against). 3. Gently move just a few millimeters away from the wall or the person. Continue to breathe. 4. Visualize the moon now. With all its craters, bumps and beautiful glowing light. The moon energy is SATTVIC: brings purity, harmony, & balance. It stimulates water elements in Earth (tides), including the water in you that makes up about 70% of your body. This Supermoon amplifies energies in you. 5. Imagine this big beautiful moon, white light, just above your head. Instead of sunbathing, you are moonbathing. She is shining her soft glow directly through you. See yourself breathing in absolute positive energy from the calming moon deep into every cell and atom in your body. This white light frequency is so pure, healing, and positive. 6. Imagine this light as a way of detoxification of any darkness or negative energies. Imagine this white diamond light frequency healing you. No darkness can remain. All darkness is completely gone...just imagine it. Om

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