Square Breathing Meditation

Introducing MEDITATION MONDAYS. This is a new segment I am doing as a way to make meditation accessible and simple. In this crazy world, we need to take just a few minutes each day practicing methods of preparation for meditation. It is no longer just an idea. Science has proven the many benefits of meditation. Do this for your health. For all of you in Singapore, I will guide the below technique in my Dharma Yoga class tomorrow evening at 7pm@outtahatha . . 🌳TODAY'S Method: SQUARE BREATHING (Samavritti Pranayama) It is both a breathing exercise and a dharana technique. Pranayama (4th limb of yoga) means methods for controlling the breath which also affects our Prana or life force. Dharana (the 6th limb of yoga) is Concentration or holding mental attention. After a steady precise practice of Dharana we gently ease into Dyana, or Meditation, which is actually a state of being. You cannot DO meditation. Rather, you do certain active techniques which prepare the mind for meditation. . This is where the magic happens..because when the mind becomes calm and quiet, we see everything with love because we realize we are more than the mind. You see, the mind is limited. YOU are actually limitless. Our higher self knows this.. . TIME: only 5 min (So quick! There's no excuse 😜) 1. Sit comfortably. A chair is fine but the spine must be straight, so it's best to not lean on the back of the chair. 2. Close the eyes and take a few long deep breaths and try to imagine all your worries sinking into the Earth. 3. Imagine a square shape. Starting from the lower left corner. You will mentally trace the square while coordinating your breath. First, exhale completely. INHALE 4 counts slowly while you mentally move your focus from lower left corner to the upper left corner of the square. Now HOLD the breath for 4 counts (tracing from upper left corner of box to upper right corner). EXHALE 4 counts (from upper right to lower right) now HOLD the breath out for 4 counts (from lower right to lower left corner). Try to make each side of the square equal in length. It is a square...not a rectangle. 4. Repeat the cycle for as long as you like.

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