So Hum Meditation

πŸ’œSo Hum Meditation. It's that time again: a new week, a new meditation. . Don't be scared of the word, 'meditation', my friends...meditation just means concentration on something for a while. The practice empowers your mind and soul and in the long run may actually make you more effective, successful and in more control of your life. Now who wouldn't want that? πŸ˜‰ . Method for So Hum Meditation (taught to me by Sri Dharma Mittra) -Minimum 5 minutes of concentration (though the longer the better). -Sit comfortably with the eyes closed (You can even do this on the bus or waiting, as we so often do. Just not while driving..haha.) -Bring all attention to the breath. Don't try to control the breath...just concentrate on it and allow it to be very natural. Flowing IN and flowing OUT. IN and OUT. Allow it to be very slow and fluid...each inhale merging seamlessly with the exhalation. Allow for natural pauses. -LISTEN. . -Imagine during every inhalation the sound "SO". And in every exhalation the sound "HUM". Dharma sometimes uses the example "imagine you are listening to the mantra on a sound system but the speakers are in the other room and it is very soft and gentle". You aren't making the sound, but rather listening to what is already there. -Leave the breath by itself as if in deep sleep. -Surrender all ego and become ONE with the mantra and the meaning of it. . These sound vibrations are already an integral organic part of each inhale and each exhale. Sohum is Sanskrit for "I am that, that I am." Or another way of saying it is, "I am you, you are me." It is the greatest of all mantras as it is already contained within the breath of all living creatures. We unconsciously recite this mantra some 21,000 times every day. It doesn't have to be religious, don't worry! Though you can use this mantra as a way to connect to whatever or whomever you believe in. You see, it is very flexible and something you are doing even now as you read this, you just aren't aware of it. . Om Shanti Shanti Shanti .

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